On this page you can find an updated machine hotlist every month. This list contains a selection of interesting machines, like PCB equipment and Semiconductor equipment, that have recently become available. Please contact our sales-team for equipment that is not listed.

July + August 2018 previous...
Manufacturer Type PCB equipment
Asys ALS01 + LSB03 + LSE03 Laser Marking with loader and unloader
Autotronik BS390N-L20V Pick and Place
Dima 2x MP-200 + many feeders Pick and Place
Ekra X6 HSP screen printer
Marantz M22XCL-350 AOI
Mechatronika M60 + feeders Pick and Place
Royonic (Mydata) 4x SMD Tower 546 SMD Tower
Saki BF-Planet-X AOI, SOLD
Saki BF18D-P40 AOI
Samsung SM421L Placement machine with feeders
Samsung 2x CP45FV Neo + printer, handling and reflow SMD Line SOLD
SMTech AVP300 Screen Printer
Sony SI-G200BB Placement machine with Tray Tower and feeders
Sony SI-V100 AOI
Sony SI-F209 Placement machine with Tray Tower and feeders

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