On this page you can find an updated machine hotlist every month. This list contains a selection of interesting machines, like PCB equipment and Semiconductor equipment, that have recently become available. Please contact our sales-team for equipment that is not listed.

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Manufacturer Type PCB equipment
Asscon VP 2000 inline vapour phase
Contact Systems 3AVX Placement machine + feeders
Dima Dymaxion Placement machine
Ekra E5 Screenprinter
Ekra E1 Screen printer
Ersa Hotlow 2/14 Reflow oven
Ersa Hotflow 5 Reflow oven
Europlacer EP600 SMD machine
IBL LV 600 Vapour fase soldering
Juki / Zevatech PM570L Placement machine + feeders
MPM UP 2000 HiE Screenprinter
Philips / Assembleon Topaz X SMD machine + feeders
Rehm V8 Reflow oven
Universal 6241D Axial 40 stations sequencer
Manufacturer Type Miscellaneous
Dima SMBH 1000 + 2000 Loader + Unloader
Genrad 2276E In Circuit Tester
GMS UT 6760 Washing Machine
Haenel Rotomat 900 Peternoster
Rommel BM-1500-VHI, BM-600 conveyors
Thieme S 35P Screenprinter
Vötsch VTU 60/90 Climate Chamber
Manufacturer Type Semiconductor equipment
Apic MW-701-1 Moldpress
Nikon Optistation V Automated Inspection Station
Horiba XGT 2700 X-ray microscope

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