On this page you can find an updated machine hotlist every month. This list contains a selection of interesting machines, like PCB equipment and Semiconductor equipment, that have recently become available. Please contact our sales-team for equipment that is not listed.

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Manufacturer Type PCB equipment
Asscon VP53 Vapor Fase Oven
Assembleon FCM1 Spare Part Machine
AutoSplice A/S 4000 Splicing Machine
Dima Optimat SMD Machine with feeders
Fuji GSPIIIE Screenprinter
Electrovert Omniflo 12 Reflow oven
Juki 730 SMD Machine
MPM Ultraprint 2000 Screenprinter
Mydata TP9 Placement machine
SEHO 6340 Eco Reflow oven
Siemens F3 and S15 SMD Machines
Soltec 6638 Reflow Oven
Universal 6380A RAD8 Inserter, 40 station
Universal 6293C Jumper wire inserter
Manufacturer Type Semiconductor equipment
DNS SSW-60A-AR Scrubber
Nikon NSR-2205i-14E2 Stepper
Shinkawa Super II UTC 251 Wire Bonder
Sun Micro Ultra 80 Workstation
TEL Alpha 85 Diffusion
Ulvac NE-700 Dry Etcher
TEL ACT-8 Track
Manufacturer Type Bare board &Miscellaneous
Agilent SJ10 AOI Machine
Höllmüller CS 55 R Resiststripper
IBL SLC-500 Vapor Fase Machine
Orbotech VT-HD-9300 HD AOI Machine
Rommel LBS 55S Unloader
Siemens Siplace G2 Glue Station
Takaya APT 8400CE Flying Probe Tester
Teradyne Javelin Flying Probe Tester
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