On this page you can find an updated machine hotlist every month. This list contains a selection of interesting machines, like PCB equipment and Semiconductor equipment, that have recently become available. Please contact our sales-team for equipment that is not listed.

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Manufacturer Type PCB equipment
DEK 265 HORIZON Screenprinter
DEK 265 GSX Inline Screenprinter
Dima Optimat SMT Machine
Ersa Hotflow 3 Reflow oven
Europlacer Progress 6 SMT Machine
Europlacer Finesse SMD Machine
Electrovert Electra Wave Soldering
MPM UP 2000 HiE screenprinter
Panasonic RH3 Radial inserter
Panasonic MV2F-XL3 SMD machine
Soltec 6622 Wave soldering
Vitronics / Soltec Quantis Pro Reflow Oven
Universal VCD 6287 Axial inserter + sequencer
Manufacturer Type Semiconductor equipment
Electroglass 4090mu Prober
Laurier HA-225+ Hybrid epoxy di-bonder
Nikon NSR 2005 i8A Waferstepper
Manufacturer Type Bare board &Miscellaneous
Advantest T5581H tester PLUS 6741ad Handler
Agilent 5TDX 5300 X-Ray tester
Agilent 3070 Board tester
Credence SZ M 3650 Test System
Electrovert Aquastorm 100 PCB Washer
Nikon Eclipse L 200 Microscope
Panasonic E NM22-09 Eye Let Inserter
Samsung   Tape Cutter NEW
Samsung VSS-3E AOI
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