On this page you can find an updated machine hotlist every month. This list contains a selection of interesting machines, like PCB equipment and Semiconductor equipment, that have recently become available. Please contact our sales-team for equipment that is not listed.

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Manufacturer Type PCB equipment
Conceptronic HVN 102 Reflow oven
DEK 260 Screenprinter
DEK 288 Screen printer
Ersa Hotflow 7 Reflow oven
Fuji CP4-3 SMD machine
Juki/Zevatech PM-570L Placementmachine
Juki / Zevatech FM 740 Placement machine
MPM AP 25 Screenprinter
Philips FCM Base 1 Chipshooter
Philips FCM Base 2 Chip Shooter
Philips Eclips 2 Placementmachine
Royonic 512 Manual placement table
Samsung CP20 CV SMD Machine
Seho 6235 Reflow Oven
Soltec Delta Wave Wave Soldering machine
Soltec 6511 Wave Solderingmachine
Tenryu MT5720 SMD Placement machine
Universal RAD II Radial Inserter
Vitronics Magnatherm 500 Reflow Oven
Manufacturer Type Semiconductor equipment
Accretech PG 200 Wafer Grinder
ADT 7160 Dicing Saw
Advantest T5365 Memory Test System
Bruce BDF 41 Oxidation Furnace
Electroglas EG 5300 Wafer Prober
K & S 6490 Hybrid Die Bonder
Shinkawa SFB 200 Flip Chip Bonder
Shinkawa SWB-FA-UTC Wire Bonder
Teradyne J971 SP Logic Test System
TSK APM 60A Prober
Ultracision 880 Prober
Manufacturer Type Bare board &Miscellaneous
Agilent 5 DX model 2 X-Ray tester
Airvac DRS 24C BGA Rework Station
Fluke 3050 Board Test System
Fuji various Conveyors
GenRad 2283i Test system
HP / Agilent HP3173 Test system
Nordson C740/1 Selective coating machine
Omron VT-400N Optical inspection
Orbotech VT 9300 Optical inspection
Panasonic E NM-2209 Eye Led inserter
Seica S 200 BBT Flying Probe Tester
Teca-Print TPX-250 Ink printing machine
Teradyne A500 Spare boards
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