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Special offers - Sonderangebote - offres speciales - speciale aanbiedingen

Manufacturer Type PCB equipment
Assembleon FCM 1 SMT machine w. feeders
Assembleon Topaz Xi SMT machine w. feeders
Dyma HP 110 SMT machine w. feeders
Dynapert ELA Screenprinter
Ekra E1 and E5 Screenprinter
Electrovert Omniflow 10 Reflowoven, leadfree
Electrovert Vectra 450f Wavesoldering machine
Ersa Hotflow 7 v 3 Reflow oven, lead free
Fuji CP 643 E SMT machine
Fuji CP 8 Chip shooter
Fuji GL5-500 Glue dispenser
Heller 1800 EXL Reflow oven
IT LFU Workbench with elevator
KME SP11P-MA Screenprinter
Mydata MY9 UFP SMD placement machine
MPM Ultraprint 2000 Screen printer
Quad 4 C SMT machine
Royonic 512 Assembly tables
Samsung CP 40C / 60L SMT machines
Siemens S15-F3 SMT machine
Soltec 6521 Wave soldering machine
Universal VCD 6241 D Axial with 80 sequencer
Manufacturer Type Semiconductor equipment
Accretech PG 200 Wafer Grinder
Aetrium 5050S Handler
Advantest T3323 VLSI Test system
Amat Ultima X ILD deposition tool
Electroglas 2001 X / CX Waferprobers
ESEC Micro 2 Diebonder
MCC ABES MEM/507 Stress tester
NIKON NSR-2005-i10C Wafer stepper
Steag Mattson SHS 2800 RTP machine
Manufacturer Type Bare board & Miscellaneous
Credence SC-312 Testsystem
GenRad 2287E Board test system
Nicolet NXR 1400i X-Ray inspection system
NIKON SMZ-1B Microscope
Omron VT-WIN PCB inspection system
Orbotech PC-14 Micro AOI system
Schmoll XL6-21R Milling machine
SZ M 3650 Testsystem
Teradyne 2287E Board test system
Vision Lynx stereo Microscope
Vision Simcl SV2000 Visual inspection system
VI Technology VI-3000 AOI system

All equipment can be inspected or independent inspection reports can be arranged. 
Installation and service available for most EU-countries.
For quotation please contact - Für Angebot - Pour offre entrez en contact avec - Voor aanbieding:

TwenTech, office Enschede
A Mercatel Group Company
P.O. Box 545
7500 AM Enschede
The Netherlands
visiting address:

Hengelosestraat 705
7521 PA Enschede
The Netherlands
Tel.: +31-53-483 66 30 / 33
Fax: +31-53-483 66 31

Contact TwenTech for equipment not mentioned in the hot list (email form).

Sales Office & Representatives for: Becktronic , Cammax Precima , Comware Technical Service ,
Lorlin Test Systems , Test Line , Unifab Electronics and Manufacturing Automation.

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