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Special offers - Sonderangebote - offres speciales - speciale aanbiedingen

Manufacturer Type PCB equipment
Agilent HP3070 In circuit tester (series 3)
Assembleon / Philips FCM 1 Chipshooter with feeders
BTU Paragon 70 Reflow oven
Cosy Master Pick & place with vision and feeders
Daum Place It SMT machine w. feeders
Ekra E1 TM Screenprinter
Ekra HSP Screenprinter
Electrovert Omniflow 10 Reflowoven (leadfree)
Ersa Hotflow 7 v 3 Reflow oven ( lead free )
Ersa ETS 330 Dualwave leadfree soldering machine
Ersa EWS 330 Dualwave leadfree soldering machine
Fuji FCP 642 4000 Chipshooter 
IT LFU Workbench w. elevator
Juki / Zevatech 730 / 740 SMT placement machine's
Mimot 1260 SMT placement machine
MPM UP 2000 Hie screenprinter
Panasert RH6B Radial inserter
Philips CSM 84VZ Placement machine w. feeders
Quad QSP-2 SMT machine
Royonic 512 Assembly tables
Seho 8035 Dual wave leadfree soldering machine
Siemens Siplace 80S15 SMT placement machine
Soltec Maxi Wave Dual wave leadfree soldering machine
TDK RX-11 SMT placement machine w. feeders
Universal RAD 8 Inserter
Universal 6772A Dip inserter
Voeth 4002 Climate chambers
Manufacturer Type Semiconductor equipment
Advantest T6573 Tester / handler
Credence SC-212 Testsystem
Delvotec 6530 Wirebonder
Disco DAD 640 Dicing saw
Genrad HP93000C400E Testsystem
Leybold Z550S Sputtering system
Nikon I 10 In-line stepper
Steag Matson SHS2800 RTP
Teradyne J971SP-60 VLSI tester
Manufacturer Type Bare board & Miscellaneous
Asys AEAS 03 / 04 Loader / unloader
Fluke 3040A Testsystem
Genrad Pilot Testsystem
LKPF 39 Bareboard prototyping machine
Mosaid MS2300+ Bit Map Tester
Nicolet NXR 1400i X-Ray inspection system
Panasonic NM-2391 PCB Storage systems
Trumpf Vectormark VCM 1 laser engraver

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All equipment can be inspected or independent inspection reports can be arranged. 
Installation and service available for most EU-countries.
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P.O. Box 545
7500 AM Enschede
The Netherlands
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7521 PA Enschede
The Netherlands
Tel.: +31-53-483 66 30 / 33
Fax: +31-53-483 66 31

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