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Special offers - Sonderangebote - offres speciales - speciale aanbiedingen

Manufacturer Type Equipment
Agilent for HP3x7x boards
Dima Optimat SMT placement machine with feeders, ask for configuration list
Electrovert Omniflo 10 reflow ovens
Electrovert Ultrapak in-line wave soldering machines
Kirsten K7360 Jet Wave solderingmachine with 2 convection modules, loader / unloader, 3 x 3.6 mtrs transport
LPKF ProtoMat 95S-11 PCB plotter, please ask spec's
Mimot Advantage SMT placement machine with 60 feeders
MPM UP3000 Hie Screenprinter
MTA ECO Soldering robots, 4-axis, 80 W , wide T-range, Windows
Mydata MY-9 and MY-19 SMT placement machines with feeders
Philips Topaz / Eclipse SMT assembly line including 1 Topaz and 1 Eclipse with LCS
SEF 540.10  table top reflow oven
SEF 548.07 reflow oven
Takaya APT 8400 flying probe tester, in-line system with "open pin check", TOS-3 camera system and WIN NT S/W
TDK VC-21 Avisert Radial inserter w. 80 stations sequencer
Universal GSM1 SMT placement machine, with 20 feeders, please ask spec's
Universal GSM2 SMT placement machine
Zevatech 460 PlaceMat SMT placement machine with automotic transport system, centring station for SI-IC's and PLCC's, glue dispenser head, spares package, feeders
Zevatech 570 Laser SMT placement machine with 30 feeders
    Note: we have many manuals available, please ask
Agilent HP5DX serial 2 X-ray inspection machine, 457 x 602 mm, software 7.1
Disco DAD 341
DFD 641 / 651
Dicing saws
ESEC 3088 Wire bonders
    Vintage machines:
Philips SMD-line Surface Mount Circuit Board Line (YOM 1987)
6x MCM VI, 1x HW Glue Flex and 1x Senja SMIC Reflowoven

Send us your list of surplus equipment - Stuur ons uw lijst van overbodige apparatuur-
Schicken Sie uns Ihre Liste überzähliger Maschinen - Envoyez nous votre liste de machines superflues

 All equipment can be inspected or independent inspection reports can be arranged. 
Installation and service available for most EU-countries.

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Contact TwenTech for equipment not mentioned in the hot list (email form).

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