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Publication: "Purchase of production equipment: new or used?"
"Ankauf von Produktionsmaschinen: neu oder gebraucht?"
"Achat d'équipement de production: nouveau ou usagé?"
"Aanschaf productiemachines: nieuw of gebruikt?"

HOT LIST, July / August 2003 (previous)

Special offers - Sonderangebote - offres speciales - speciale aanbiedingen

Manufacturer Type Equipment
Alcatel ASM 180 TD Leak detector
ASML 5500/200B
Wafer steppers
Autosplice PCNC Pin inserter
Contact 3AV-100 SMT placement machine, please ask specification
Daum Place-It SMT machine w. feeders, manuals etc.
DEK 260 Screenprinter, 508 x 508 mm, w. DEKAlign 2 Vision, w. autofeed, fully serviced
DEK 265GSX Screenprinter, w. Vision
Electroglas 4085X Wafer probers
Electrovert Econopak Plus Wave soldering machine, finger conveyor, chip wave, spray flux
Electrovert Atmos 2000CC Reflow oven, chain conveyor, cooling module
Europlacer R250 SMT placement machine, w. conveyors, w. 65 feeders, w. 5 vibratory feeders
Fuji QP242
Chip mounter
Chip shooter
Chip shooter
Fuji FBA81360/FBA8560 Spare parts, pls ask
GenRad GR2284i Test system, please ask specification
Heller 1900WN Reflow oven, with Nitrogen, 12 zones, 6 meters
Hewlett-Packard E4000-66546 PPU(Pay Per Use) cards
Yuki / Zevatech PM460 SMT placement machine with 15 feeders
Yuki / Zevatech PM570L Pick & Place machine, with 10 feeders, please ask specifications
Yuki / Zevatech PM575L SMT placement machine, with feeders, please ask specifications
LTX Synchromaster Test systems
MPM AP HiE Screenprinter, w. 2D/3D inspection, software 7.13
MPM UP 2000 Screenprinter, please ask specifications
Philips CSM84 Compact surface mounter, no feeders
Sanyo TIM-5100 Multifunctional Chip mounter, please ask specifications
Schlumberger / Factron BB 3239D Expander DIC board
Siemens MS102 SMT placement machine, please ask specifications
SMT 400/3.0 N2 Reflow oven, chain transport, flow direction
Soltec Deltawave 6622-CC Wave soldering machine, please ask specifications
Takaya APT-8400CE Flying probe tester, please ask specifications
Universal Multi Mod II Dip inserter, 0.3"/0.6" dip, 0.3"/0.6" dip/socket/socket
Universal 6360C Rad V Radial inserter, please ask specifications
VI Technology Lab 200 Automatic labeler

 All equipment can be inspected or independent inspection reports can be arranged. 
Installation and service available for most EU-countries.

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Fax: +31-53-483 66 31

Contact TwenTech for equipment not mentioned in the hot list (email form).

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