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Publication: "Purchase of production equipment: new or used?"
"Ankauf von Produktionsmaschinen: neu oder gebraucht?"
"Achat d'équipement de production: nouveau ou usagé?"
"Aanschaf productiemachines: nieuw of gebruikt?"

HOT LIST, May 2003 (previous)

Special offers - Sonderangebote - offres speciales - speciale aanbiedingen

Manufacturer Type Equipment
Camelot 1818 Camalot stand-alone dispensers (please ask details)
Celtronix OSP1 Exotic component placer, with sequencer MTU 116, camera inspection, 6 tools, 4 feeders multi-stick
DEK 265 Horizon Screenprinter, full vision, 2-D inspection, vacuum wet & dry cleaning
Disco D79 841 Grinding machine
Ekra E-5 HSP Screenprinter with vision, 330 x 350 mm, vacuum wet & dry cleaning, 2D inspection
Electrovert Omniflo 7 Reflow oven, meshbelt + pinchain
Esec 2007 ic 8 Epoxy die bonder
Esec 3088 Wire bonder, goldball
Fluke 3040, 3050 Spares for testers
Fuji FBA Spare parts for radial inserters
Funk-Meyer   Manual placers
Heller 988C Reflow oven, 8 zones, convection, 18" belt conveyor
Heller 1900WN Reflow oven, with Nitrogen, 12 zones, 6 meters
Yuki / Zevatech 570L, PM 575L SMT placement machine, with feeders
Kulicke & Soffa 4123 Wedge bonder
Kulicke & Soffa 4124 Ball bonder
Nicolet NXR-1400i X-ray inspection system, real time, large field of view 2.250"
Norcimbus Power Surge IV Automatic gas cabinet, pls ask spec's
Philips Comet SMT placement machine, with 30 feeders 8 mm
PMT Pinacle-8023 Metal Etcher, triple chamber
Sanyo TCM-3500Z SMT placement machine, PCB transfer: L/R or R/L, software setting only. PCB dimensions: 50 x 50 ~ 460 x 360 mm with placment Data Teaching. Maximum placement speed (in optimum): 0,1 sec.
Schlumberger S570/E Combinational test systems (753/6), base system S570/E with Dual Vacuum Control, Floating Point Unit and Real Time Clock  -  Pls ask for spec's
Silicon Graphics IRIS Workstations, custom made configuraion (please ask details)
Soltec 6567, N2 Wave soldering machine
Takaya APT 8400 CJ Flying probe tester, 4 probes, I.C. opens test, vision recognition, test area 500 mm x 400 mm
Tel P-8XL Wafer prober, automatic, top loader, Acumen OCR, VIP2 vision module, automatic probe to pad alignement, WAPP
Teradyne Javelin model 1004 Flying probe tester, with PC controls
Termotron - Climate chamber, -40 to +120 Deg.C.
Universal 4796B identical to
 Sanyo TCM3500Z
SMT placement machine
Universal 6241B Axial sequencer / inserter VCD, 40 stations, J11 controller, BEC
Universal 6241B Axial sequencer / inserter, 80 stations, J11 controller, BEC, ERV, manuals
Universal 6360 Rad V Radial inserter (please ask details)
Universal 6389A Rad 8 Radial inserter, triple span 2.5/5.0/7.5 mm pitch, 20 stations
Vision Engineering TS3, TS4 SMT inspection systems

 All equipment can be inspected or independent inspection reports can be arranged. 
Installation and service available for most EU-countries.

For quotation please contact - Für Angebot:
Pour offre entrez en contact avec - Voor aanbieding:

TwenTech, office Enschede
A Mercatel Group Company
P.O. Box 545
7500 AM Enschede
The Netherlands
visiting address:

Hengelosestraat 705
7521 PA Enschede
The Netherlands
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Fax: +31-53-483 66 31

Contact TwenTech for equipment not mentioned in the hot list (email form).

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