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Special offers - Sonderangebote - offres speciales - speciale aanbiedingen

Manufacturer Type Equipment
Advantest M6841A Dynamic Test Handler, for simultaneously measurement of 64 devices; can measure TSOP-I, TSOP-II, SOJ, SOP
Bassel AB Laser scribing machines
Dek 265GS Screenprinter, wet & dry underscreen cleaning (no vacuum), paste dispenser, green camera, 2D inspection
Dek Infinity Screenprinter
Ekra E-5 Screenprinter with vision, vacuum wet & dry cleaning, 2D inspection
Heeb Innoplacer SMT placement machine
Juki / Zevatech 750 SMT placement machine
Europlacer R250 SMT placement machine, in line without conveyor, with glue option
Europlacer EP300 SMT placement machine
Factron S720 Board test system, 304 testpins, 7 x SSM, 8 x IRM, 2 x power supply, Flo-Tracer, FRM, RS232, IEEE I/F & LP I/F
Factron S730 Board test system, pls ask specification
Panasonic RH6B-LL model NM-8205B radial inserter, with camera unit, V cut
Philips Eclipse SMT placement machine (only 4.500 hrs)
Philips Emerald SMT placement machine, with feeders
Seho 8035C Wave solder machine, with spray fluxer, 350 mm wide
Seho 8040 Wave soldering machine
Siemens G2 Glue dispenser
Siemens Siplace SMT ass'y line - 80F3 assembly machine, 12 fold revolver head, IC head, machine controller, line controller, 30 feeders
- 80S15 assembly machine, 2x 12 fold revolver head, machine controller
Takaya APT 8400 CJ Flying probe tester, 4 probes, I.C. opens tests, vision recognition, test area 500  x 400 mm
Universal GSM1 SMT placement machine RAMTIF, lantern vision, upgraded, 02/02, Software version 3.2.3.A, also upgraded 02/02, pls. ask spec's
Teradyne for Z1800 DR1 and DR2
Universal GS 4713 D Glue dispenser, in line, 15000 dots per hour
Universal 6241B Axial sequencer/inserter, 80 stations, J11 controller, BEC, ERV, manuals
Universal 6241B Axial sequencer/inserter, 60 stations, J11 controller, BEC, manuals 
Universal 6360C Rad V Radial inserter, 40 stations, straight back and stand alone, dual pitch (2.5 & 5.0 mm), J11 controller. ask spec's

 All equipment can be inspected or independent inspection reports can be arranged. 
Installation and service available for most EU-countries.

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