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special offers - Sonderangebote - offres speciales - speciale aanbiedingen

Manufacturer Type Equipment
DEK Infinty Screenprinter
DEK 265GS Screenprinter, 508x508 mm, Vision, Autofeed, Underscreen cleaner
DEK 265LT Screenprinter, 558x558 mm, Vision, Autofeed, Underscreen cleaner
DEK 265GSX Screenprinter, FPA, 2DI, TCU, Vacuum USC, ProFlow
EKRA X5 Screenprinter with vision
GenRad GR228x Acceler ATE Inline board test systems, w. ITE Philips P8 Compactline PLC Controller, Seiko Instruments SII, color monitor, DPU 5300
HEEB Innoplacer SMT placement machine
HEEB Innotec Reflow oven
Juki K760 L Multifunctional mounter with 35 feeders
Mamiya Superhand SMT assembly machine with 32 feeders
MPM AP25, AP25 HIE Screenprinters, Vision, 2D inspection, Vacuum wet cleaning
Soltec Delta Max Wave soldering system
Soltec 6567 Sigma Wave Wave soldering machine, Dual wave
Streckfuss   2 light-guided assembly tables with one programming station. BARGAIN
Universal 6241A Axial Sequencer/Inserter, 160 stations
Versatronics RV4, V3S, RV1 SMT placement machines w. 3 and 4 banks of feeders (ask details !)
Zevatech 460 Placemat SMT placement machine

latest arrivals - Neueste Angebote - Dernieres offres - nieuwste aanbiedingen

Advantest M6841A IC test handler, maintained by Advantest, Special price !
DEK Horizon Inline screenprinter, fully automatic, with vision
DIMA Optimat SMT placement machine, w. 2 cameras for component recognition, 100 feeders
Karl Suss MA150CC Mask aligner, cassette-to-cassette, 4.5" square substrates, 1000 W lamphouse, NEVER USED !
Juki KE-760L SMT placement machine, w. 35 feeders

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Lorlin Test Systems , Test Line , Unifab Electronics and Manufacturing Automation.

Most equipment from European Union Countries. All equipment can be inspected or independent inspection reports can be arranged. Installation and service available for most EU-countries.

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