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Manufacturer Type Equipment
Advantest T5581
memory tester with 2 testheads with each M6741 handlers
memory tester with 2 testheads
Canon PLA 501 FA mask aligner 4", refurbished
DEK 245, 249, 260, 265 Screenprinters, refurbished, with/without Vision, 6 months warranty
DEK 265GSX screenprinter, 1997, with fine pitch Autoflex, with Stencil Wiper with vacuum, green Camera
Electrovert Omniflo 7 reflow ovens, 1997, PC controlled, full convection, finger conveyor, width adjustable from 150 to 500 mm
Ersa N-Wave 500 reflow oven, 1998, dual wave, width 500 mm, spray flux
Factron S720 in-circuit / functional tester, with update, configuration list avalable
GenRad GR2281i Board tester, in-circuit, 9 Combo II=1152 pins, AFTM, ICA, Clock Sync Trigger, Self Test Fixture, 4 power supplies, Pentium PC
MPM AP25 HIE screenprinter, 1997, in-line, full vision, vacuum wet cleaning
Mydata MY9 Hydra SMD placement machine
Mydata   feeder magazines, all sizes
Philips PA5036 PCB test handlers, in-line
Philips MTX 2815 shuttle pneumatic drive for PCB's
Siemens feeders various sizes:
Schulz 8 mm, nr. 141091 and nr. 141096
Schulz 24/32 mm
Schulz 44 mm
Schulz 56 mm,
24/32 mm Type III
Siemens 80F3 Siplace SMD placement machines, fully refurbished
Siemens MS102 SMD placement machine, w. board vision
Siemens 80S20 SMD placement machine, 1997, w. 2 x 12 fold revolver head, w. board & component Vision, feeders available
Teradyne J971 Memory test system, 1999
Teradyne Z18XX series in-circuit test systems, SALE, RENTAL, SUPPORT, SPARES, also Dr2A boards
Zevatech PM 560 SMD placement machine w. teach camera, feeders

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