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Manufacturer Type Equipment
Amistar, Fuji, Panasonic, Philips, Quad, Siemens, Suzuki, Universal, Zevatech SMD-machines feeders Belt feeders, new, made on order, competitive prices
BTU TRS14 Reflow oven, nitrogen, 14" conveyor, forced air convection, edge & SS mesh conveyor
DEK Printing Machines DEK 265 LT 2 Screenprinters, 1997 and 1998, with Vision, 2D inspection, in-line, vacuum cleaning, pro-flow possible
Electrovert Ultra 2000 solder wave system, with 500 mm finger conveyor
Fluke 3040, 3050 spare for tester: clock ram, pin ram, extender boards, panel driver, printer interface, driver comparator, output processor etc.
Fuji GSPII-4000 screenprinter, with vision correction for 0,4 mm fine-pitch patterns, automatic screen alignment, programmable squeegee speed, in line capable
Mamiya EC 8300 SMD-machine, table-top, automatic
Panasert MSH3, MV2-V, MPA-V, DEK265LT inserter radial, complete line, YOM 2000, with loader/unloader, conveyer. Plse ask detailed info.
Philips 2x CSM84VZ SMD-machines, with vision and large component sequencer
Philips CSM84VZ 2 mech. placement head, 1 Z-vision placement head, Vision, 3 camera's
Philips CSM84 2 mech. placement head, 1 dispenser head, beampointer, 1 camera
Philips CSM84 3 mech. head, beampointer, 1 camera
SMTech SMTech 500 Screenprinter, 1998, inline, fully automatic.
Teradyne Z1880-1 & 2 Component test system, vector processor, delta- and wave-scan etc
Universal 2596R 2 Sequencers, with V2 or V3 controller, any number of stations possible
Universal 6633A Radial inserter, Rad V, 40 stations, dual pitch, J II controller
Universal 6348A Radial inserter, Rad II, dual pitch (2.5 and 5.0 mm), J II controller, 40 stations, rotary table, BEC etc.
Zevatech PPM-9 SMD-machine, in-line machine, fine pitch, with vision, with feeders
Zevatech FS730/FS740 complete assembly line with
-two Zevatech FS730 FlexShooters
-one Zevatech FS740 FlexMounters
-one EKRA E5 screenprinter
-one SMT 300/3 reflow oven, full convection with nitrogen
-one laser 3D inspection system for solderingpaste
-loaders, conveyors etc.

Contact TwenTech for equipment not mentioned in the hot-list or ask for complete equipment list.
You can also contact TwenTech for surplus equipment and ATE.

Sales Office & Representatives for : Beijert Precision, Cammax Precima Ltd., Comware Technical Service,
Lorlin Test Systems , Unifab Electronics and Placemax.

Most equipment from European Union Countries. All equipment can be inspected or independent inspection reports can be arranged. Installation and service available for most EU-countries.

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