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Manufacturer Type Equipment
Advantest T3340 Component test system, with 14 double density boards and 3340 Advantest manipulators
Amistar AI 1000 Axial inserters, with variable pitch and 64 stations
DEK 245 Screenprinter, semi automatic, with 20 frames.
DEK 247 Screenprinter, 431x431 mm.
Electrovert Ultra 2000 Wave solder systemwafer, with Ultrasonic Spray Fluxer and IR Pre Heat.
Fluke, Genrad, LTX Various type numbers Operator's manuals, maintenance manuals, spares lists etc.etc.
Fuji CPIII, IPII, GSP SMD line consisting of: chipshooter + screenprinter + line controller + reflow oven.
GenRad GR2287i Board test system, 1152 test points, 9 ComboII boards.
Hewlett-Packard HP3173 Board test system, 14 double density boards, HP boards loader.
Hewlett-Packard for 307X & 317X Series Double density boards.
MPM UP200 Screenprinter, 558mm x 558mm, with Vision.
Panasert NM-2024 Axial inserter with stacker / loader, with feeders.
Philips CSM84VZ & CSM84 SMD placement machines, with Vision and many feeders.
Teradyne J997 Memory test system for DRAM, VRAM, SRAM, SDRAM.
Universal Multimod II Dip inserter with J11 controller, Board Error Control, 0.3/0.6 dip socket


For GenRad users: IMPORTANT !

Pentium PC replacement for PDP11 computer in GenRad, Teradyne, Tektronix, Lorlin test systems.
Ask for REVIVER documentation. REVIVER is a trademark of Comware Technical Services.


screenprinter + assembly workstation + reflow oven for manual SMD production - 800 components/hour
manufactured by


3D probe card verification and management system for the production environment;
performs measurement and adjustment of probe card planarization, visual X/Y location and adjustment.
Uses over and under video camera systems.
SUPERVISOR software runs under Windows 95.
Supervisor is a trademark of Beijert Engineering.

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Discrete semiconductor test systems

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